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The Best Hiding Place From Housecats
I recently read through Lisa Fiedler's 'Mouseheart', the first in a newish series of books about anthropomorphic mice that's in the same vein as Redwall and the Secret of NIMH. I actually had a lot of fun reading it and it was a really nostalgic trip for me!

To show my appreciation of the book, as well as doing a fun drawing for my review( link ), I figured I'd try drawing up the protagonist, Hopper, along with my silly blue raccoon Chammy :) They're here hiding from a cat in one of the classic hiding places for mice in cartoons and books alike: the tea cup. Chammy can only assume that it's such a staple hiding place because of cats' clear disdain for the product.

I was originally just going to leave this one as a sketch, but I got the urge to try a new way of coloring that I've been wanting to do, so I thought I would give it a try. Basically, I tried to work with the picture like a painting and not do any black inking of the outlines like I normally do. I have to admit that, while not perfect, I'm kind of happy with the result... What do you all think?

Either way, I hope that some folks can recognize the protagonist here, or at least get a chuckle out of the piece!
The Start of a Nice Lazy Day
Recently, I had a friend ask me about how Rick looks without his hat and what sort of sleepwear he goes to bed with, and all sorts of questions about what Rick is basically like when he's totally relaxing. After musing about it, I couldn't get this picture of Rick lounging about out of my head... so here we are :P

I rarely draw the Racoon brothers' apartment, but here we see Rick kicking back on their sofa early in the morning and making a casual phone call to his gal, Paula, to wish her a good day and generally start the morning off right ;) Ben's in there as well, probably making his way to the kitchen for his morning coffee.

All in all, this was a fun chance for me to draw a bit more of Rick's anatomy while also getting a better idea for the layout of the space he lives in and even what phones look like in my world (okay, maybe that's not so important)! I'm rather happy it was suggested :) I think I might keep this one a sketch for now, but it's hard to say for sure. Either way, I hope that you guys enjoy it!
Building up a character - Jay Tarken
I was asked a little about Jay from this piece here:… , so I decided to post up my initial drawing of him and also kind of show my brief process for the design!

I do this for a number of characters when I'm first learning how to draw them. If it's a character from another property, I'll try to draw a direct headshot from art of them to get a feeling for how the artist designed them and what the important aspects of the character's features are. For my own characters, however, I sometimes do that by drawing a bit of the real animal first and seeing what really stands out. I actually haven't done this in couple of years, so it was kind of fun to look at real pictures of falcons to see what I could translate into a boxing avian (who cheats by using those talons of his)!

Nothing too much more to say about this other than I probably won't draw a ton more of Jay for the book, as he only has a few scenes, but I may use him here and there for other drawings :) I hope you all enjoy him and my process here!
That's going to be difficult to return...
I can't believe that I forgot to post this!

This was my submission for the National Library Week bookmark contest this year. The theme for it, same as last year, was 'Libraries Transform'. It's become something of a tradition for me to enter and, even though I almost didn't do this year, I'm glad that I gave it a shot :) Unfortunately, I didn't win or place, but at least I got a cute comic out of it!

What we have here is a little bear boy who's checked out a library book about magic tricks. He's all dressed up and practicing when he accidentally cast some REAL magic to make the book fly away! It looks like the book's going to be a little bit late getting back to the library...

This was very fun to do this year, and it was fun to try a different format too! I hardly ever get to do comic strips anymore, so this was a great excuse. The little bear character was cute and fun to draw as well :) I think the colors could be a bit better, and I've a bevy of theories on why I didn't win due to both my own sloppiness and the way the library board tends to be. Regardless, I do hope that you all at least enjoy it and keep on reading!
Rick in the Ring - Close Shave
I've been doing a few of these bigger sketches lately, so I thought I might as well share!

For my current novel, I thought it might be a fun idea to do some illustrations while I wait for responses from publishers. It's been a fun adventure drawing up certain scenes and trying out different things, but most of these are pretty straightforward black and white sketches like this, so I wasn't sure if many folks would enjoy them. Please let me know if you do!

This is a scene in the story where Rick's gone into the dangerous Underground fighting ring known as 'The Circuit'. He's looking for information on an avian that his brother is investigating and he's just so happened to have found him! This fellow is a falcon named Jay Tarken and he's none too pleased with some of Rick's words. Although the two have agreed to settle things in the fighting ring itself, nobody said anything about using razor sharp talons! It's at this point that I think Rick may be having second thoughts about stepping into the ring with a bird of prey.

Tried something different here with the angle and backdrop. I both like and don't like the chain-link fence, but I'm happy to not just have these two floating in white space. Jay was actually fun to draw up. I tried looking at photos of actual falcons and their feet to try and get some realistic anchor points. I haven't done that for a character in some time!

I hope you all enjoy this sketch :)

Rick & Jay Tarken (c) :iconchameleonice:
Hello all!

So, I've run into a situation lately where I find myself frequently asking "Have I submitted too many tickle pictures to this account? I know some of my watchers don't care for it..." and also thinking "It'd be really nice to have a public art page with no fetish content that I can just share with folks and potential clients/employers with minimal concerns"

With that in mind, I've decided to make a gallery here on DA specifically for my more ticklish/pawful art - :iconvioletteshub:

I figure I might as well name the page after a character who basically has tickling as her profession and passion ;) It's also easy for me to remember.

With that in mind, this is a journal to inform as many of my watchers as possible that this change is happening and to watch me there if you want to keep seeing more of that art! This is also to give folks a major heads up that I'll be putting all of my tickle/paw art in this gallery into storage, so be sure to grab your favorites NOW or ask me if you want a copy of a specific picture that you can't find.

No one person triggered this change, so don't worry about that. I think it's just a necessary step to take as I get more connected and my art gets seen by more and more people in my life :) Also, don't feel bad about making comments about characters being cute or ticklish or having nice paws or whatever. I won't be changing my interests or reactions. I'm just making things a little more visibly separated.

I'll probably be making the switch over in a week or two, but I'll leave this journal up as long as possible so that folks now. At about that time, I'll start uploading new and old art (some of it at least) to the new page.

Thank you guys for all of your support and please check out :iconvioletteshub: for more art from me in the future :)


Cham the Raccoon
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